Although there are tens of ways in which people damage their iPhones, there are some of the most common ones that almost everyone owning a smartphone has gone through. Here are some of the most commonly repaired iPhone problems.
Drop Damage The most common type of damage that people do to their iPhone is by dropping it from their, hands, pocket or a bag. Depending on the severity of the drop and the height from which the phone was dropped, you can break the front screen, back glass or any other component of the phone. This also depends on the surface that you drop your mobile on. In any case, you’ll have to send your iPhone back for repair. This comes under accidental damage category, so, you won’t be covered by warranty. Damaged Housing The durability of phones has increased a lot over the years, but you can expect them to suffer from wear and tear from daily usage. That’s why using a phone case is recommended, but many people still choose to go without a phone case. One of the most common damages is scratches on the housing of your iPhone. Many people are seen looking to get their screen or sides polished. This is not possible at all. Stick the screen can crack, and the metal sides can heat up to damage the internals if we attempt to polish them. Water Damage Water damage is also one of the most common types of damage that people do to their iPhones. While the newer iPhones come with an IP rating, and are considered to be somewhat water resistant, long term submersion can still cause permanent damage. Water damage related repairs are either very expensive, or impossible, causing permanent damage to your phone. For most info, you can visit