Thessaloniki is a city Another sort of party made during festival or any event for doing. Here this city’s actual meaning is success of Thessalonians. You’ll Find many areas of bringing within this place and apart from fascinating and Contemporary town it is known for its natural beauty christmas gift (δωρο χριστουγεννων) that iscertainly –

• Long sandy beaches at the south region of town
• Way to Halkidiki
• All scheduled lakes and mountain regions
• Mount Hortiatis that is used for masking the Demand for water

Festivals And cultural events

It contains and is the next biggest town in Greece Very long and rich history to draw your own customers. This is not only the rationale for variety of people but their distinct also plays very significant role in raising the number of tourist from μητροπολη θεσσαλονικης these are as follows-

Religious Festivals

Agios Dimitrios- Here is just a religious festival called since Agios Dimitrios. The people of Thessaloniki celebrate this festival and this very day is celebrated as a public holiday for colleges of this city, offices, and all schools.
International Trade fair- it is a yearly commercial exhibition that εορτολογιο around 10th of September. It is inaugurated by the prime ministry of the place at which the policies of year announce.

International Film Festival- this takes place in every autumn where films are player in various cinemas of Thessaloniki. The festival’s head is situated in Olympion Theatre. So they will relish the day with their loved ones, it is performed for the entertainment of people.